Terms and Conditions

Registration Fees

All fees must be paid in full prior the approval of registration. JCFC may consider a payment plan option in exceptional hardship circumstances. Payment plans must be agreed in writing with the JCFC executive at time of registration.

If after a payment deadline has passed and/or payment plans are not adhered to, the Committee may take action to suspend a member from playing with the club until such time as outstanding fees up to date. This will always be a last resort and would only happen if previous communications with members have been ignored.


No registration refunds will be given after a player has been graded and or allocated to a team.

Exceptional Circumstances.

A partial refund may only be given at the discretion of the committee in exceptional circumstances e.g., severe injury etc.. Any refund will exclude unrecoverable costs such as clothing and the FFA / Football West component of the registration. A $25 administration fee will apply to any approved refunds.

Revoked membership.

No refunds will be provided if membership is revoked due to breaching Club Codes of Conduct.

Member Fines

Football West will only normally only issue monetary fines for serious offenses. In all cases, the individual players/players named as being involved would be liable to pay any fines issues by Football West or any other body.

Privacy Policy

Personal information collected by Joondalup City FC is primary for the purpose of membership requirements and/or competition.







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