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2016 JCFC Age appropriate Curriculum for Training.


U6 – U9 : The Discovery Phase ( 45 min Max per session 1 x Per Week )

• Discovering one's (im)possibilities through trial and error

• Natural development: 'learn FOOTBALL by playing football'

• No 'coaching' but organising fun football exercises

• Replicating the 'street/park football' environment of the past

• Emphasis on building a love of the game


U10 – U13 : Skill Acquisition Phase ( 1 hour Max per session 1 / 2 x Per week )

The foundation of the Skill Acquisition Phase is built upon:

• The coach focusing extensively on providing a solid foundation of technical skill.

• At this age the children are ready for a more structured approach to training.

• In every session the focus is on one of the core skills, from the beginning until the end of the session ("theme based sessions").


U14 – U 17 : The Game Training Phase ( 1 hour per session 2 x per week )

The Game Training Phase has two main objectives:

• Preparing players for senior football by teaching them to apply functional game skills in a team setting using 1-4-3-3 as the preferred formation

• Developing tactical awareness, perception and decision-making through a game-related approach to training.


18 Plus : The Performance Phase ( 1.5 hour per session – 2 / 3 x Per week )

In the performance phase, the main focus for the coach should be to:

• Prepare teams for a competitive environment where winning has become the main aim

• Train to focus on solving football problems, based on match analysis

• Integrate FOOTBALL CONDITIONING as a key part of the program