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2018 Season Miniroos

Whats happening in the Miniroos 2018?

Hi Parents and Players JCFC 8 – 12's

Football West has recently advised of changes to the Miniroos and 12's league for 2018.

The intent is that these changes create more structured leagues and to encourage clubs to better understand and plan the placement of players of similar ability into teams and leagues that are best suited to each team and individual.

We have assessed the new setup and the impact of the changes on our club and are keeping you up to date with our plans for the 2018 season. Fortunately, the investment we have made in the last few years forming a qualified Development Team (Technical Director, Director of Coaching and 3 Development Officers) has put us in a good position to manage these changes.

What's happening in U8/U9s for 2018

Not a big change, there are still 3 clear leagues – the old Socceroos, Olyroos and Joeys (ranked in order of experience) are now replaced by Blue, Purple , Yellow leagues.

What has also changed is that clubs are now grouped into Zones set by Football West – so our teams will now be placed into a certain Zone, and there will be 2 leagues in each Zone. We don't have the exact details of this yet.

What does this mean for JCFC? We usually have 4 teams in each age group. We will need to assess our teams more closely and work harder towards forming teams with players of similar ability and putting them in the relevant league. We are aware that many kids want to play with their friends, and in most instances, this is achievable unless friends are of very different experience or skill. In this case the stronger player may need to choose to play at a lower level to be able tostay with a friend(s).

Once registrations are finalised we will be holding sessions with all players involved to best assess our players and make decisions on team formations. We remain fully committed to doing the best we can for players so that they can have a positive and fun experience playing football – and we will of course continue to need parent support to achieve this.

What's happening in U10s, U11s and u12s.

There is quite a big change in the leagues. The top 3 leagues (Blue, Green, Orange) are now a Metropolitan league – where the more experienced teams can apply for a place. These leagues are not zoned so clubs from the whole metro area of Perth for placement in these three leagues.

The remaining four leagues - Purple, Red, White and Yellow are zoned, so we will be grouped with clubs from a geographical zone.

What does this mean for JCFC?

We will place our "A" squad into the Metro leagues, and where we feel we may have the depth of stronger players in any age group we may put two teams into these leagues. This may result in longer travel times for players and parents in these teams, but potentially in a higher level more aligned to your child's ability and experience.

The remainder of our teams are likely to go into the Purple, Red, White and Yellow leagues.

Correctly forming and placing our teams into the correct league must be a focus for 2018 to allow our players the chance to play at the correct level for their ability and for their enjoyment.

We suspect that there will be a period of adjustment as clubs work out how best to manage the changes in line with their club size and culture. It may take one or two seasons for clubs and Football West to assess the correct placements of teams. Players also change and develop in very different ways, so adjustments may need to be made each season to the formation of our teams.

We look forward to working with players, parents and Football West to make the most of these changes and we believe they will result in a better league setup going forward.

As a club we will continue to offer as many places as we can to players of all levels and will continue strive to provide a safe, fun and positive environment for kids to play sport and develop a love of football.


Registrations open in January 2018.